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Ransomware attacks are now not only stuck to the computers and PC’s of an individual or of an organization, rather it’s also covering the Android devices which almost everyone is using in their day to day lifestyle. These android Ransomware attacks are causing the major financial and data loss for over many years.

After the other types of Android malware attacks such as SMS malware attacks – the Android Ransomware is taking its place very frequently, and now many of the malware writers are adopting the same malware generating technique which proven to be effective in the desktop malware.

One of the very reason of Hackers / Crackers behind targetting the Android devices using the ransomware malware all over the world, because data such as personal photos and videos etc. are now kept on smartphones rather than PC’s by most of the people around the world, and thus the threat of losing data is now greater than ever.


Before learning about the types of Ransomware attacks let’s first understand that what does Ransomware actually means?
So, Ransomware as the name suggests, it is a type of malware which demands the sum of money from the infected user to release his/her hijacked data or resources in exchange.
There are two types of Android Malware attacks which come under the category of Ransomware:
  1. Lock Screen Ransomware
  2. Crypto – Ransomware
  • Lock Screen Ransomware is a type of ransomware that contains the payload to lock the screen of your device (Android in this case)  which are typically claiming to originate from the government organization. The ransomware will allow you to bypass the screen and respond back on the restart. It will falsely claim that you have violated any type of law (it could be random law, which appears different for different users). The screen will now threaten you that all your data or resources will be locked in a given amount of time if the mentioned amount of bitcoin will not be transferred.
  • Crypto – Ransomware is a very much harmful attack, it is a program that encrypts files stored on a computer or mobile device in order to extort money. The encryption locks and scatter all the data or information and makes it unreadable and to restore all the hijacked data or information a decryption key is needed.

As most of the consumers are now shifting from PC’s to mobile device (android) which results in the storage of more sensitive and valuable data on Mobile device rather than the PC’s, and this is the reason why the hackers/crackers have given birth to ANDROID RANSOMWARE thus Android Ransomware is becoming ever more worthwhile for attackers.

Android ransomware detection statistics, according to ESET LiveGrid®


The most important step to protect yourself and your device from being hijacked is to keep yourself updated to the latest news of ransomware and all other attacks, But don’t worry apart from this basic step I am going to mention few useful steps from which you can protect yourself from being the victim of Android Ransomware:
  1. Avoid yourself from the unofficial app stores and having a mobile security app installed and kept up to date. And it’s very important to have a functional backup of all the important data from your Android device.
  2. If the user has become the victim of simple lock screen ransomware, then simply boot the device into the safe mode so that no third party applications including the malware can be loaded into the device, as by doing this the kernel will trick the malware and user can easily uninstall the malware infected application from the device.
  3. If the malware with the device administrator has the locked the device using the Android built-in PIN or password. Then at that time, it should be possible to reset the device using the google android device manager or any other alternatives, and in this case, the rooted device has more options. Remember that the factory reset will delete all the data from the device but your device will be freed from the ransomware.
  4. If the user’s device is been infected or encrypted with the crypto ransomware then it is highly recommended to contact their security provider’s technical support.
I advice all the android users who get infected by this kind of malware which we call as Android Ransomware then don’t pay for any of the ransom out their, kindly apply the above-mentioned steps or at last contact your device’s technical support or reach out to any cyber cell department, but don’t pay any kind of amount to those hackers/crackers out there, as this will increase their attack rate and we will not be able to find the right scripting behind the ANDROID RANSOMWARE.
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