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Enumeration is the first phase of Ethical Hacking, it is basically the first attack to the target network, Enumeration is the process to gather the information about the target System’s or Server’s User Name, Machine Name, Network Resources, Shares, and Services etc. This Enumeration makes a fixed active connection to the target system.


There are many tools available out there of which we can make use of information gathering about the target system or a target server or you can say for Enumeration simply.
Below are given some tools for Enumeration:


Super Scan is a closed source for Windows Operating System only, it’s an information gathering tool especially TCP/UDP port scanner from MacAfee. It comes with many inbuilt tools which will help in Enumeration such as ping, HTTP head, traceroute, whois etc.
You can download Super Scan at:


Soft Perfect Network Scanner is a multipurpose Network administration tool only for Windows and MAC Operating System. The main function of this softperfect network scanner is to scan

IPv4/IPv6 network perfectly and in addition to this it can also perform many another network scanning which will help in Enumeration such as it can ping the computers , it can scan the ports, discover the shared folder on the network , it can also scan remote services, registry files, detection of the target’s MAC address, gives the information about current logged-on user etc. apart from this it can retrieve all sorts of information over a network with the help of WMI, HTTP, SSH, POWER SHELL, SNMP.
The best part of Soft Perfect Network Scanner is that its result can be exported in almost all the patterns such as XML, JSON, HTML, CSV, TXT etc.
You can download SOFTPERFECT from


Dumpsec as the name suggests it’s a security audit tool i.e. it audit the network thoroughly, and it Dumps all the permissions (DACL) and audit settings (SACL) for the file system apart from this it also dumps user, group and reapplication information.
You can download DUMPSEC from


The network time Protocol is a tool to Enumerate the target system or a server, it is mainly designed to synchronize the clock system of a computer system, it’s an open source Enumeration tool designed for Linux System as well as windows system.
You can download it from

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