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Fingerprinting | Ethical Hacking | TechnoGb

Fingerprinting | Ethical Hacking | TechnoGb

Fingerprinting | Ethical Hacking | TechnoGb


Fingerprinting is one the most important process of Ethical Hacking or any type of hacking, this process is used to determine that what type of operating system a target is running on, because if we know the operating system of the target then that will be the plus point for us because after knowing the operating system we can easily find any existed vulnerability of it and exploit our target.

Like other, Fingerprinting is also of two types as we have discussed in Reconnaissance i.e ACTIVE FINGERPRINTING & pASSIVE FINGERPRINTING.

One of the best tools in Linux Operating System for Fingerprinting is Nmap tool, it comes preinstalled in Kali Linux but in another operating system, we have to manually install it.

Below is the example of Nmap tool in Kali Linux Operating System:

Fingerprinting | Ethical Hacking | TechnoGb
Nmap of

Here I have scanned my own blog ( One of the best parts of this Nmap scanning is that it shows all the information related to PORT, it’s STATE i.e it’s open or closed port and also shows the service provided (see the highlighted portion in the image).

This process can also be named as PORT SCANNING, in this step a Hacker find all the information about the ports and it states i.e it is an open state or in closed state, because if and Hacker get to know about the ports and it states then that will prove him/her a great advantage or edge in performing an attack.


DNS Enumeration, also called as DOMAIN AME SERVER Enumeration, this is the process of gathering all the information about the DOMAIN NAME SERVER and it’s database so that we can perform our attack accurately.

One of the best tool present in Kali Linux for DNS Enumeration is NSLookup, this tool provides us all the information related to DNS. Let’s know about it a little bit.


NsLookup is a program to query Internet Domain Name Server. It has two modes Interactive and non-interactive mode. The Interactive mode allows the user to query the name server for the information about various hosts and domain. And non-interactive mode is to just print a name and a requested information for a host or a domain.

Steps to be followed while using NSLookup in Windows Command Prompt:

  • Fire Up Command Prompt (Press Window Key + ‘R’ from your keyboard to open a Run window – there type ‘cmd’ without quotes to open a command prompt).
  • type ‘nslookup’ (without quotes) then press ENTER.
  • Then type ‘server <ip address>’ (without quotes) where <ip address> is the actual IP address of the target, then press ENTER.
  • Now type ‘set q=mx’ (without quotes)  to set the query to a mail service, then press ENTER.
  • Now tyme Domain name of the target and press ENTER.
Fingerprinting | Ethical Hacking | TechnoGb
NSLookup of

This was all about the Fingerprinting in Ethical Hacking, If you are facing any problem in this topic (Fingerprinting) then I Strongly recommend you to first go through the below-mentioned articles sequence wise  so, that you can easily grasp the concept very easily:

After reading all these topics still you face any difficulties then please mention it in the Discussion Box below, I will answer all your questions.

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