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Before knowing about Password Hacking let’s first know about what is password. So, a Password can be a secret string of characters or phrase which is used to gain access to the secured data.

And an Individual with no knowledge of password may still determine it through Password Hacking. So, now let’s know about the definition of Password Hacking.


Password Hacking sometimes is also known as Password Cracking, which is a technique or method of recovering the password from the transmitted data by a computer system or data stored on a computer.

And the individual who attempts to crack the secret words, phrase, or string of characters used to gain access to the secured data is known as Password Hacker.

System Administrator may us password hacking as a preventive tactic to help a legitimate user retrieve a forgotten password. And the cybercriminals and fraudsters hack password to gain access to the secured system.

How to Hack Password

Basically, there are two methods which are in use to hack password one is through Guessing and other is by Brute Forcing. So, let’s know about these two methods in brief.

  • In Guessing method, the Hacker may make use of the owners’ personal information to completely figure out the password. Or else the Hacker may also use the password owners date of birth, relative names, pet names, credit or debit card details or other information to guess out the correct information about the Password.
  • In Brute Force method the hacker attempt to input all the possible password combinations or sequence to retrieve the password. By far this is the most effective method if the hacker has the knowledge about the password hash function, algorithm or mathematical computation which was used to encrypt the password data.

How to Defend against Password Hacking

One of the best way to defend against the Password Hackers or Crackers to gain access to your protected data or information is to use the Hack proof passwords by constructing the strong password. Below is the method about how to construct a strong password.

Construct the Longer password using numeric, alpha-numeric and special characters for eg. Use [email protected]#&_-()=%+?!/:’*” and etc characters in your password string or phrases and also make use of Upper and Lower case characters. Make your Password as along as possible because longer passwords are stronger passwords and hackers cannot be able to gain access or crack it for a while. 

Next tip to prevent your password from being hacked is, do not share your password to anyone, as passwords are not meant to be shared with anyone as they are protecting your sensitive data or information.

Last but not least, do often change your password because the periodic change of Passwords helps keep Password Hackers at a bay.

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