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Ethical Hacking


World is becoming digital now a days …. everyone is talking about digital India , digital transaction , going cashless , which is a very good thing for everyone as well as for environment also.

But here lies the dark reality of going digital , that our network on which we are going to be digital does not seem to be secure from small bluetooh network , WiFi network to the big servers which are holding lots of sensitive information , because someone is sitting there waiting for our wrong and silly move on the internet and when it is done , then you are HACKED !! and these people are generally known as ‘ BLACKHAT HACKERS ‘ or in technical term ‘ CRACKER ‘ the bad guys who crack into a network only for their benefit , only for money.

To protect our self and our country from these frauds we to need to provide our self with some knowledge of ‘NETWORKING’ and so this blog is for.

Here I am going to make you aware of the WiFi network , how it works , how it sends and receives data from the server and client , ‘ HOW IT CAN BE HACKED ‘ , and last but the most important thing is that HOW TO PROTECT OUR WiFi NETWORK FROM BEING HACKED.



Now let’s start with ‘What is WiFi  and how it works ‘ :

it is abbreviated as Wireless Fidelity very few of us know this information which is a basic one.
WiFi works on the radio waves to provide the connectivity , using this radio waves it transmits and receives information across a network . To use the WiFi technology one should have the computer/laptop which include wireless adapter that will translate the data sent into a radio signal in a encoded form and this same encoded signal will be transmitted through an antenna to a decoder which we basically call our ROUTER once the decoding is done in a decoder , the data is finally sent to the internet.

So this was the brief introduction about what actually a WiFi is and how does it works.

As we have seen that all the information on WiFi is sent and received in encoded form i.e very securely , but then also this information can be HACKED !! or can be interrupted , so let’s see how it can be done.




The attack which am going to discuss here is known as ‘  man in the middle attack ‘ , what basically this attack do is act as a middle man between the SERVER & CLIENT so all the information which client send to server in an encrypted  form passes through this middle man (which is not going to help , because it is encrypted) so the left part is done by our server i.e ROUTER i.e it sends back the decrypt information  to client in the form of response which unfortunately again passes through this ‘ middle man ‘. And so the attack is known as ‘ man in the middle attack ‘.


**Requirements for this Attack to perform :

1. Laptop/Desktop(if desktop then you should also have one router with yourself to perform this attack)
Note: High performance Laptop will be best.

2. Kali Linux (By offensive security) operating system , which basically is a operating system used by the hacker and penetration tester mainly .

if you don’t have KALI LINUX you can download it from

3. A wireless card or a Router or a Modem to create a fake access point for our victim

4. FLUXION tool (which basically is a tool tahat perform ‘ man in the middle attack ‘).



**Steps to be followed :

1. Install your downloaded kali linux operating system on your computer or laptop , and login as a ROOT user.

2. Open up the terminal and install the fluxion tool first bu typing the above command
*git clone
cd fluxion

after executing these commands fluxion will be successfully installed on your kali linux machine.

3. After installing the fluxion you can watch the further steps on my video


My this video will explain you all everything step by step what to do to gain access to any of the WiFi network WPS/WPA/WPA-2/WPSK using ‘ man in the middle attack‘.

Now comes how to protect ourselves and our WiFi to be hacked :
First and the basic thing which everything should do is to set a very strong password i.e it should be at least 10 characters and comprises of lower and uppercase alphabets , numbers , special characters. and it should not be related to your personal or professional life which any individual connected to you personally or professionally can easily guess.
You can take the starting , alphabets or ending alphabets or you can take any alphabets which only you knows better than anyone , and it should be mixture of numbers as well as special characters.
Apart from this if we see around us than nothing is protected everything has vulnerability in it , the only difference is that some of them are found and some are still left to be found. So , Its better to stay safe from your side in this technological world where everyone wants to steal your personal information , and don’t give any chance to ‘ CRACKERS ‘ on this vast internet to steal your sensitive data and information.
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